Response to: “Coding As a Career Isn’t Right for Me”

I was thinking about this post and where the guy says his end game is simply to pay off his debt and move to the woods.

From the standpoint of society the ideal life for that guy in my opinion would be if society made it easier for people like him when he was 13 to instantly get a high paying job. Clearly a 13 year old is intellectually capable of writing code and its only society that stops us from doing it. A 13 year old is also capable of showing up every day from 9 to 5 or he’d never complete high school.

Think about the waste from a “homo economicus” standpoint to spend all those years in school and college. The opportunity cost in lost wages completely dwarfs cost of the education itself. And what you learn in college is of dubious value. It would be quite easy if parents supported kids for their first 4 years in the working world for people to buy a house a 21 and retire by 30. Being young and having economic freedom would be huge socially.

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