I stumbled on this book while looking for info on the new Google Glasses on Youtube. I enjoy this type of science fiction. Like Rainbow’s End it deals with technology that is not way into the future but that should be available in less than 5 years. This might be the first time in history that we are able to read interesting science fiction about technology that is so close at hand. The people in this video loved this book. If you click the video you will see them raving about it. The book was only $1 and short which was very cool. The book was not a bad read. Technology its central insight seemed to focus on the superiority of contacts over glasses which is kind of obvious but interesting to see it explored in fiction.

The book made me laugh out loud at times because I’d seen the video. I kept thinking that the main character in this book, Stewart, was a stand in for the author and the main character’s significant other, Kimi, was a stand in for this author’s significant author Margie. There’s this whole motif of violence against women and general resentment towards society running through Plenzes pretty hardcore and I couldnt help but think it must have been a little akward for the author’s significant author to read it. Anyway if you like your fiction bite sized click the amazon wheel somewhere on the page, spend $1 on this and I’ll earn a fraction of a penny or something.


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