You can fit the entire iTunes Library in a empty can of Coke (from Reddit)

The iTunes Store has about 37,000,000 songs available worldwide.Lets immagine each song is encoded at the highest mainstream MP3 Quality (320 kbps), and that the average song is 4 minutes long.320 * 4 * 60= 7.7 Megabytes per song7.7 * 37,000,000= 285,000,000 Megabytes =285 TerabytesA modern archive HDD can store 8TB worth of data so 285/8 =36.6 Hard Drives.But it gets better…Modern Micro SD Cards can store about 200GB of data per card. Each Micro SD Card has a volume of 165 mm3, and a mass of 0.5g.We could store the entire iTunes Library on just 1425 Micro SD Cards. (285/0.2 = 1425)The cards would weigh just 713 grams. They would take up the space of 235cm3 meaning that you can fit the entire iTunes Library in an empty can of Coke.

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Vanity Fair Follows Up With Elon Musk on the Simulation Hypothesis

I saw this posted online and I thought it was about the last time Elon Musk said this at Vanity Fair. Apparently they brought this up again. I think he blew their minds. It’s funny to see them ask about this. I love the look on the guy’s face when he asks about whether he’s being played by a joy stick somewhere else. Also its interesting how Altman and Musk agree with each other despite saying things which would sound crazy to a typical person throughout the discussion. Early on they explain why they believe fusion is safe unlike fission.

Heres the post I did on the last time he said this. It seems a little silly in retrospect.

How I know we’re getting close to the singularity.

There are a few subreddits I like to check including /r/technology and /r/futurology and /r/singularity. As you might expect the /r/technology subreddit has stuff that is actually happening often with big known tech companies such as Apple, Google, or Tesla making announcements regarding products available now or very soon. /r/singularity contains more news of farther off predictions coming from academia or futurists as you would expect.

Lately I’ve noticed some convergence. For example this recent post shows Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook talking about the future of communication being telepathy. Its hard to believe I found that in /r/technology and this is a CEO who is responsible to shareholders. That, and some of the news out of Google as of late particularly with respect to AI, is blurring the lines between the subreddits.

As for /r/futurology, once the self driving car is ubiquitous we will approach a singularity where the amount of posts demanding an ever shorter work week will approach 100% and …

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Podcast about Nothing Episode 2 Machine Learning

This is the cocktail party algorithm as implemented in Matlab discussed in this podcast

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AMA Andrew Ng and Adam Coates

Dr. Andrew Ng is Chief Scientist at Baidu. He leads Baidu Research, which includes the Silicon Valley AI Lab, the Institute of Deep Learning and the Big Data Lab. The organization brings together global research talent to work on fundamental technologies in areas such as image recognition and image-based search, speech recognition, and semantic intelligence. In addition to his role at Baidu, Dr. Ng is a faculty member in Stanford University’s Computer Science Department, and Chairman of Coursera, an online education platform (MOOC) that he co-founded. Dr. Ng holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, MIT and the University of California, Berkeley.Dr. Adam Coates is Director of Baidu Research’s Silicon Valley AI Lab. He received his PhD in 2012 from Stanford University and subsequently was a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford. His thesis work investigated issues in the development of deep learning methods, particularly the success of large neural networks trained from large datasets. He also led the development of large scale deep learning methods using distributed clusters and GPUs. At Stanford, his team trained artificial neural networks with billions of connections using techniques for high performance computing systems. via /r/MachineLearning

IBM Watson is starting to shows real results, and tremendous potential as various speakers describe in recent event in NewYork

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Free Books Related to the Singularity

These are in the order of how interesting I found them. The first is very graphic so I’d advise against reading it if you are young or easily offended.

Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
my review

[Message Contains No Recognizable Symbols]

All You Zombies -not on the singularity exactly but an amazing story.

Harry Potter Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial Evil

my review

Rapture of the Nerds

I don’t know, Timmy, being God is a big responsibility



The Egg

The Last Question by Isaac Asimov

Robots Will Steal Your Job but That’s Ok