P.O.S.S.E. an “IndieWeb” concept

I love this concept. Publish Own Site Syndicate Elsewhere. According to Zuckerberg’s Law the amount of data we share about ourselves doubles each year and according to Zuckerberg it makes sense for companies to try to capture as large a share of that is possible. This is why Facebook bought Instagram, WhatsApp and tried to buy Snapchat.

P.O.S.S.E. is a simple concept. If you’re going to post to Facebook, Reddit or anywhere else put it on your own site first. That way you own it and control it no matter what happens. In my crazy ideal future we’d have every thought we’d ever had on our own blogs with ads around them. Our most brilliant thoughts would be SEO’d to the top and our dumbest would be lost. Because the world will “search don’t sort.” Either way this makes sense because if we’re going to be compelled by the apps to share anyway we might as well try to monetize it ourselves.

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