One More Strike Against you on the Simulation Hypothesis

A lot has been written about the simulation hypothesis. I don’t think its a complicated argument but I think its pretty bullet proof. I’d be curious as to what the moderator’s unstated counter argument was in this clip. Bostrom goes into it in great detail if you want to be extremely rigorous. However, Musk explains it pretty well in this tiny clip. Based on the magnitudes of the size of the universe, its lifespan, the amount of matter, and its potential for computation I think its very likely that we are in a simulation. Musk has one more strike against him though in that he has such a uniquely interesting life. Being that far out on the bell curve of lives worth simulating has got to make the simulation argument even more of a mind fuck for him. Not by much though because I think its already very likely, for everybody, that their lives are a simulation. And of course the puppet masters did provide Mr. Musk with an especially lovely new project to distract him right after he expressed the opinion that this is “unlikely to be real.” That is of course, if he does give her tunnel a lot of consideration. I know hes married, runs two companies, and must be extremely busy.

If you’d like some rough math and a time frame for the video game comparison Musk makes in the above clip check out this short clip below from a talk by Phillip Rosdale.

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