Linked: The New Science of Networks

Unfortunately I wasn’t blown away by this book. A friend of mine gave it rave reviews and there is an interesting profile of the book’s author,  Albert-László Barabási, on PopSci. His work seems really interesting. However, Some of the concepts in this book like the 80/20 principle and the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon discussed in the book never seemed like such a big deal to me. A lot of it seemed like it making a big deal out of nothing to me.

Two things I liked about the book. I thought the idea of how the internet was creating a super-organism was a cool concept. I also liked the section where the book discussed how AIDs pandemics could be stopped more efficiently by treating “hubs.”

Maybe you’ll like this book more than I did. I loved the Black Swan and Taleb writes about many of the same concepts in a different writing style.

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