How I know we’re getting close to the singularity.

There are a few subreddits I like to check including /r/technology and /r/futurology and /r/singularity. As you might expect the /r/technology subreddit has stuff that is actually happening often with big known tech companies such as Apple, Google, or Tesla making announcements regarding products available now or very soon. /r/singularity contains more news of farther off predictions coming from academia or futurists as you would expect.

Lately I’ve noticed some convergence. For example this recent post shows Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook talking about the future of communication being telepathy. Its hard to believe I found that in /r/technology and this is a CEO who is responsible to shareholders. That, and some of the news out of Google as of late particularly with respect to AI, is blurring the lines between the subreddits.

As for /r/futurology, once the self driving car is ubiquitous we will approach a singularity where the amount of posts demanding an ever shorter work week will approach 100% and …

[this blog post was heavily redacted at the request of Ellen Pao]

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