I created this site because I believe the trends show that we are leading up to the singularity in the next few decades. I hope these reviews encourage people to read books to learn about this important topic. As we continue towards the singularity, technological progress will impact individuals and society at large.

As a society we must prepare for the dangers that accelerating technology will quickly present us with. Artificial intelligence, genomics, and nanotechnology may soon present us with novel dangers, that to the uninformed seem far off in the distant future. We must also plan for some of the benefits that accelerating technology may bring. Accelerating technological progress in alternative energy might potentially reduce our need for energy independence and lessen global warming concerns.

There are three ways in which I believe studying the singularity can impact us as individuals. One, I think it encourages a more proactive approach to health. Two I think it can potentially impact your investment strategy. Three, I think it can be helpful in planning a career in a changing world. In addition to these impacts on long term planning I personally find it entertaining to test our  imagination’s limits with speculation on what our future will be.

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