How about this for a first rule of robotics?

1. Stop take your time ask us repeatedly what our goals are, clarify, “is this what you meant” and adjust like an assistant would. This isn’t perfect but it seems like it might fix the paperclip maximization scenario.

You can fit the entire iTunes Library in a empty can of Coke (from Reddit)

The iTunes Store has about 37,000,000 songs available worldwide.Lets immagine each song is encoded at the highest mainstream MP3 Quality (320 kbps), and that the average song is 4 minutes long.320 * 4 * 60= 7.7 Megabytes per song7.7 * 37,000,000= 285,000,000 Megabytes =285 TerabytesA modern archive HDD can store 8TB worth of data so 285/8 =36.6 Hard Drives.But it gets better…Modern Micro SD Cards can store about 200GB of data per card. Each Micro SD Card has a volume of 165 mm3, and a mass of 0.5g.We could store the entire iTunes Library on just 1425 Micro SD Cards. (285/0.2 = 1425)The cards would weigh just 713 grams. They would take up the space of 235cm3 meaning that you can fit the entire iTunes Library in an empty can of Coke.

via /r/technology